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The world word beyond Covid-19… A virtual edition of Morocco of tales fest

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The world word beyond Covid-19… A virtual edition of Morocco of tales fest

The world word beyond Covid-19… an online edition of the Morocco of tales storytelling festival

The word of the world goes beyond Covid-19… The 17th edition of the Morocco of tales festival pays tribute to international storytellers through the appointment of the masters of the word as «Ambassadors of the Tale».

Morocco of tales fest 2020… resume

  • Theme: The world word beyond Covid-19
  • Organizers:
    • Association Conte ‘act pour l’éducation et les cultures
    • Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication (Morocco)
    • Prefectural Council of Rabat
  • Period: 1 to 31 August 2020
  • A 100% online Storytelling Festival

The storytelling festival maintains links between people despite the pandemic of covid

Despite the world closed borders, the festival was held by welcoming storytellers to participate in various activities such as competitions: Oscar for best international storyteller or the award for best narrator of children’s stories.

Moroccan myths and legends at the Storytelling Festival

Building bridges of communication between peoples and civilizations is the main objective of this major event in the Moroccan cultural supper. Indeed, the Morocco International Storytelling Festival brings together several and multiple cultures of various languages under the roof of culture and speech.



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