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The Sixth Tetouan International Comics Forum, from mai 24 to 29 2010

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The Sixth Tetouan International Comics Forum

2010 : The Sixth Tetouan International Comics Forum, from mai 24 to 29 2010

The Sixth Tetouan International Comics Forum: remarkable success for this artisitc event. Indeed, with diversity of its activities and its expansion towards a wider segment of the audience. Tetouan BD fest was also distinguished by its openness towards the African continent, which is the guest of honor for the 6th session. Moreover, this demonstration interested in the ninth art has remained faithful to its goals and objectives, namely:

  • Keeping pace with the technical and educational training of the comics division (Departement de la Bande dessinée),
  • Introduce this art as widely as possible,
  • Empowering amateurs and those interested in a permanent forum to meet, celebrate, and learn about comics,
  • Consolidate Tetouan’s distinguished position in the cultural field, especially in the plastic arts.

Festical BD tetouan 2010

The program of the sixth edition of the International Exhibition of Painted Stories:

This session was unique in transferring exhibitions outside the walls of the Institute of Fine Arts and creating murals in the city center. The number of countries participating in the exhibitions also increased to 14 (first exhibitor from the United States of America attended). The program of this cultural event included, in addition, the organization of a number of exhibitions and the presentation of cinematic shows of animated cinema films.

Here are the highlights of the sixth version program:

  • Hosting various art exhibitions from different continents,
  • Organizing workshops and training courses for amateurs, professionals and students,
  • Intellectual meetings about the prospects for this ninth art in Morocco and Africa.
  • Youth reading spaces
  • Organizing shows

Informations: The Sixth Tetouan International Comics Forum

  • Edition: 6
  • Period: from mai 24 to 29 2010
  • Theme: the promotion of African comics
  • Guests of honor: The African Continent
  • Place: Venue: National Institute of Fine Arts of Tetouan
  • ine Arts of Tetouan
  • Honoring :
    • the Moroccan Mohamed Ezz El-Din El-Tazi
    • Belgian artist Denis Laroux and the Walloon Commission in Brussels in Rabat.





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