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The Janus Model versus Dark Science by Jean-Pierre Petit

Jan 18 2 min reading. No Comments.

The Janus Model versus Dark Science

The Janus Model versus Dark Science

The Janus Cosmological Model against Dark Science: After years of absence from Anslem and his friends, a Black Science has emerged. Sophie points out that the resulting model is increasingly contradicted by observations. It is at this moment that a fantastic adventure begins at the end of which a new model, the Janus Model , an extension of that of Mr. Albert Einstein , resolves the problems raised one by one.

Heroes and characters of the adventure “Janus Model against Black Science”

  • Anslem Lantarlu and his companions
  • Sophie
  • Max the blackbird
  • Leon the Pelican
  • and Tiresias, the snail
  • Aurélien, the rat (representing black science)

Jean-Pierre Petit the “savant”

Biography : Jean-Pierre, former research director at CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), astrophysicist, cosmologist, designer and author of the famous series of scientific comics “Anselme Lanturlu”. Also noting that it is the leader in magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) technology.

The Janus Cosmological Model

Jean-Pierre notes that for decades, cosmologists have not brought anything new to the billions of stars in our galaxy. Indeed, he discovered that certain calculations by the physicist and astrophysicist Schwarzschild (1916) were victims of an interpretation error made in the 1970s!
This error was taken up by scientists who gradually developed the theory of black holes . This is how Janus (a new cosmological model, resulting in part from the correction of this error) is presented by Jean-Pierre Petit: Not only as an alternative to string theory, but also as a model verifiable by observation and experience.

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