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2012: The 7th Tetouan International Comics Festival

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BD Morocco 2012: The 7th Tetouan International Comics Festival

The 7th Tetouan International Comics Festival: the 2012 edition took place from May 14 to 26 with the participation of ten artists representing five countries. Indeed, the Festival reconnects with its African roots by inviting the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Ivory Coast”.

FIBD Tetouan 2012 program

On the menu of this event of the 9th art: In addition to the numerous exhibitions in several places of Tetouan, round tables, meetings as well as debates, FIBD 7 is distinguished by the artistic residence for the benefit of Arab artists.

The Festival also includes shows, music, animation workshops as well as “visits to schools to familiarize young students with comics”.

Concours - 2012: The 7th Tetouan International Comics Festival

Prizes and Awards:

To this end, several artists have been rewarded, within the framework of the competitions organized. Especially noting the 2012 “Young talent and album projects” prize, which aims to encourage the production and distribution of comics

Winners of the “Young talents and album projects” award:

  1. Omar Ennaciri (for his album entitled “ABIMS. The truth is elsewhere…”)
  2. Melody Boulissiere
  3. Omar aut sekkou Zaid

FABER-CASTELL Comic Strip Competition (7):

  • first prize: Affaf EL BALAOUI
  • second prize: Jihad ILIASSA
  • third prize: Youssef Khouwila.

CARRION Comic Strip Contest:

  • First prize: Fakhreddine LOUHI
  • second prize: Jihad ILIASSA
  • third prize: Abdellatif ELAYADI

bd morocco

More informations about Tetouan Comics festival 2012

  • Edition: 7
  • Period: May 14 to 26 2012
  • Theme: promote artistic exchanges between young cartoonists from Morocco, Africa and around the Mediterranean.
  • Guests of honor: Spain
    • National Institute of Fine Arts of Tetouan (INBA)
    • Association “Chouf la BD”



Finally, you will find more information about the event bollow:
  1. Website of National Institute of Fine Arts of Tetouan
  2. Chouf la BD marocaine
  3. cupdf.com_inba-15-ans-de-bande-dessinee-a-tetouan.pdf
  4. The Sixth Tetouan International Comics Forum, from mai 24 to 29 2010
  5. Archives des Tetouan International Comics Forum – Morocco Comics
  6. 2008 The Tetouan Comics Festival celebrates its fifth anniversary


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