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Mickey and Minnie in public domain (since January 1, 2024)

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Mickey and Minnie in public domain

Fist January 2024: Mickey and Minnie (version 1.0) in public domain

To the delight of creators and designers, Mickey and Minnie originals are in the public domain officielement since January 1, 2024. Thus, the artists are allowed to use the original versions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse to create new projects of all kinds (comics, films, etc.).

Indeed, with several reservations and warnings, Mickey Mouse (in his first form in 1928) is the most important of the Disney characters in the group of characters, films and books that are becoming public in this year 2024.

key elements (Mickey and Minnie In public domain)

  • The silent version of the movie «Steamboat Willie 1928», created by Walt Disney, is in the public domain since January 1, 2024 after 95 years. And then the original versions of Minnie and Mickey Mouse are too.
  • The expiration of copyright on these versions of these characters implies that they are available for use by anyone wishing to use them.
  • Later versions of Mickey and Minnie, appearing in many movies, Disney TV shows and BDs over the years, are still protected by copyright. In this sense Disney told that the character Mickey will continue to play a leading role as Walt Disney’s global ambassador.
  • Mickey and Minnie thus join a relatively long list of characters used by Disney that are in the public domain, including:
    • Peter Pan
    • Bambi
    • The Little Mermaid
    • Snow White
    • Cinderella.

Mickey in the public domain: Questions and answers

Mickey 1928

What are the limits of use of these two Disney characters?

  • Use these characters yes, but with great limits! The public domain version of Mickey is the original character of Steamboat Willie, created by Walt Disney for the revolutionary film of the same name released in 1928. We list below some details to consider when using Mickey in your projects:
    • No white gloves
    • The character is in black and white
    • His little head still looks like a rat
    • The legs are slender

When did Mickey Mouse come out?

  • Mickey made his debut in a trial screening of the silent animated short film «Plane Crazy». While «Steamboat Willie» (released November 18, 1928) was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon to be widely distributed. )

What is the fate of modern versions of Mickey Mouse?

  • More modern versions of Mickey are not affected by the expiration of Steamboat Willie’s copyright. Mickey Mouse will continue to be Walt Disney’s global ambassador in BDS, storytelling, storytelling, amusement parks and products. Of course, these versions and other works are always protected and subject to copyright.

Why Steamboat Willie is so important?

  • Steamboat Willie is essential not only to the story of Disney, but to animation in general. That’s because this short seven-minute animation is Mickey Mouse’s first movie with sound. We note that this is Mickey’s third film to be produced, but it is the first to be distributed.

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