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Learn to draw Sindibad the sailor in just 9 steps

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draw Sindibad the sailor

Character Drawing : Sindibad the Sailor

Draw Sindibad the sailor: A cool tutorial, step by step to draw our little Arab sailor Sindbad.

In this lesson, you will learn how to:

  • Sketch shapes easily
  • Become familiar with pencil drawing
  • Know how to color
  • And even more techniques

And now let’s start our project!

Draw Sindibad the Sailor – Drawing Tutorial

Learn in this useful and easy tutorial how to draw Sindibad , (Arabic: السندباد البحري), in this little 9 steps guide.

But ! What drawing tools do we need to sketch our character?


  • Paper (White)
  • HB pencils (or even of various sizes)
  • Color markers
  • And above all the passion for drawing and painting.

Do you have everything on hand ? So, let’s start our project!

Drawing Sindibad the sailor: the stages

Step #1: observe general shape

First, observe the shape of the face and sketch the general outline as a small circle (or a small oval).

Please note! note that pencils of hardness B (B1, B2, etc.) being difficult to clean, always opt for H pencils (H1 or H2 are quite adequate).

Drawing - The general shape Step-1
Fig.1 – Sindibad Stage 1

Step #2: more details

The second step, refine the storyteller of the pace and add more details.

Easy Drawings - More Details Step-2
Fig.2 – Draw Sindibad Step 2

Step #3 : orientations !

Once the general appearance of the character is ready, let’s focus on the orientation of the face (sketch two perpendicular lines that intersect in the center of the face).

Draw: Directions Step-3
Fig.3 – Sindibad the Sailor Stage 3

Step #4: Facial Details

At this moment, let’s sympathize even more with our drawing by sketching the nose and the eyes.

Drawing: The details of the face Step-4 (draw Sindibad the sailor)
Fig.4 – Sindbad Stage 4

Step #5: finally the sketch

After the previous step, we are almost at the end of our pencil drawing, let’s add more details.

Drawing manga characters: the final sketch - Sindibad Step-5
Fig.5 – The sketch of Sindibad Step 5

Step #6: Ink the Final Drawing

The sixth step, take our time to ink the sketch using an ink pen (0.3 to 0.5).

Inking: Drawing Sindibad Step-6
Fig.6 – Sindibad Stage 6 project

Step #7: a clean eraser!

However, once the sketch is finished, now cleaning the drawing very gently.

Final Drawing Cleanup: draw Sindibad the sailor Step-7
Fig.7 – Sindibad Stage 7

Step #8: color the background

We are almost, coloring the background without touching the outline of the drawing with colored graphite or pastel pencils. But, be careful not to exceed or overflow the limits of the drawing.

Design: Sindibad Step-8
Fig.8 – Sindibad Stage 8

Step #9: the final work of our project: Drawing Sindibad the Sailor

Last step, You have drawn your character in a professional way!

Final Project: draw Sindibad the sailor Step-9
Fig.9 – Sindibad Final Stage

Conclusion :

At the end of this little design and drawing lesson, hope you liked this project.
Now it’s your turn: Will you take on any character design projects?
Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

About the character: Sindibad

Fig.10 – Sindibad

He is the main character of Des Voyages. Sindibad, or Sinbad or even Sindbad, the hero of the series, is the son of a famous merchant from Baghdad, Iraq. He loves adventure and travel. He is not afraid of danger and his dream is to become a wealthy merchant. His friend Hassan (Shater Hassan: الشاطر حسن), a poor little boy who distributes jars of water. He decides to set off to discover the world with his sailor uncle: Ali. The latter brings him a talking bird, Yasmina.

References – Drawing Sindibad the Sailor


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