How to draw Mickey Mouse’s face step by step

Mickey Mouse is the official mascot of Walt Disney Company. This funny animal cartoon character typically wears red shorts, large yellow shoes and white glove. Let see in this smarts tutorial how to draw Mickey Mouse.

Tools you need to start:

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Colored pencils
  • Compass
  • Clean eraser

Useful for: kids and novice artists.

Drawing Mickey Mouse’s face step by step:

For face:

Start off by drawing a circle (draw the circle by hand or using a compass):

Figure.1 drawing a circle

Draw two lines perpendicular:

Figure.2 drawing perpendicular lines


  • The vertical line mark the center of the head (where we will draw the nose);
  • The horizontal line mark where the eyes will be placed.


For ears:

Draw two smaller circles on each side of the head.

Figure.3 drawing ears

For the nose:

Trace elliptic circle and add a curved line.

Figure.4 drawing the nose

For eyes:

  • Draw two small oblongs on top of the curved line
  • Add small circles for the pupils
Figure.5 drawing eyes

For Mouth:

  • Draw a long curved line for the mouth.
  • Add another curve just bellow.
Figure.6 drawing the mouth
  • Sketch the tongue as M shape.
Figure.7 drawing the tongue

Draw the shape of Mickeys Mouse’s face.

Trace the shape just around the mouth and eyes.

Figure.8 trace cheeks

Sketch cheeks.

Figure.9 draw and skecth cheeks.

Sketch the drawing in bold

Figure.10 Sketch the drawing in bold

Clean the drawing

Erase unnecessary lines and curves.

Figure.11 Clean the drawing

Coloring the drawing

Figure.12 coloring the drawing

We hope you like this smart tutorial to draw Mickey Mouse cartoon character’s face.

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