How to draw a wolf – A smart tutorial to draw a standing wolf with just a pencil.

How to draw a wolf?

Have you ever wondered how to draw a wolf ? How do we choice a good tools to draw animals in general ?

We will see toghether in this free drawing lessons for beginners how we can draw a wolf in few steps using basic tools.

Maybe you never realized it, but pencils play a huge role in drawing animals, specificaly a wolf.

So, here we go here  are 9 cools steps to draw a wolf using just few tools in this exclusive pencil drawing .

Remarque :

You can get drawing inspiration for search engines, and try to find a realistic picture of standing Wolf.

So let’s start:

How to draw a realistic wolf in just 9 steps:

Tools you need to start:

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Clean eraser
Tools we need to draw our wolf
Figure 0: We need just a graphit pencil and a clean eraser

Useful for: kids and novice artists.

Drawing a wolf step by step:

Step 1: Start with basic shapes for our standing wolf.

To begin drawing our standing Wolf correctly in this easy pencil drawing lesson, we will use graphite pencil. Start by drawing circles. We will draw exactly three circles:

  • A small one for the wolf head
  • Two circles, a bit curved (or an oval), for the body.

Make sure that you don’t sketch hardly by pencil so we can erase it later.

Drawing circles to draw the wolf
Figure 1: drawing circles

Step 2: Draw wolf head and body orientations.

Draw perpendicular lines for each circle, this will help to define the final forms of the wolf.

For the head the vertical line mark the center and will help us to draw the nose and ears.

draw a wolf
Figure 2: sketching perpendicular lines

Step 3: Sketch Wolf’s legs.

In this step we will sketch direct lines representing the wolf’s pat, as shown in the figure 3.

how to draw a wolf
Figure 3: wolf pats

Step 4: Connect the general appearance of the wolf.

In this step we connect the open places of our drawing and sketch:

  • the drawing legs
  • some small paws at the end of the wolf’s legs.
  • the tail
  • the wolf’s ears (two pointed curves on top of the head).

Our drawing should be look like that:

drawings wolf legs
Figure 4: drawings legs

Step 5: Add eyes and nose.

in this step we will skecth the wolf head and more details.

  • Add two small tear-shaped figures for the wolf’s eyes.
  • Draw the snout.
  • You should have the basic drawing skeleton now.
draw wolf head
Figure 5: draw wolf head

Step 6: The Backround.

Draw the background earth.

wolf background
Figure 6: draw the backround earth

Step 7:

Clean the drawing by erasing unnecessary lines and curves using a clean eraser.

Cleaning the drawing
Figure 8: Clean the drawing

Step 9: Done! You finished your drawing.

Finish the work by adding more details.

How to draw a wolf with pencil
Figure 9: How to draw a wolf with pencil

Congratulation !

You’ve finished your drawing lesson how to draw a wolf.

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