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Dakar hosts his first BD festival “Bulle Dakar”

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Dakar hosts his first BD festival ''Bulle Dakar''

Senegal: the first BD festival “Bulle Dakar”: an event of comics and press cartoons too!

The first BD festival “Bulle Dakar” was held on April 1 and 2, 2022 at the Blaise-Senghor cultural center in Dakar. The festival opened in the presence of several cartoonists and publishers (1).

Alongside the large format comic strips displayed in exhibitions are also exhibited press cartoons. It is quite legitimate because the two disciplines are intimately linked.

Bulle Dakar: the bright prospects of comics in Senegal

The objective of the “Bulle Dakar” festival through this gathering of press cartoonists and comic strips:

  • This is an opportunity to promote Senegalese talents and designers.
  • also promoting Senegalese culture.
festival ''Bulle Dakar'' program

Program of the Bulle Dakar festival

In the program of Bulle Dakar 2022:

  • Meet the designers
  • BD and MANGAS reading area
  • Sale of comics
  • exhibition and discussions
  • Dedications
  • Workshops and conferences

Indeed, among the highlights of the festival the pencil drawings of several talents including:

  • TT Fons, author of the famous comic ”Goorgoorlou”
  • Samba Fall, Ngagne Demba Diaw
  • Mbaye Toure
  • Mbaye Fall
  • Gillam Sarr.

About the “Bulle Dakar” 2022:

  • Period: April 1 and 2, 2022
  • Theme: Limits of freedom of expression.
  • Guest of honor: Guinean cartoonist Oscar Ben Barry, (2020 winner of the Pan-African Comics Prize and organizer of the Conakry Comics Festival).
  • Location: at the Blaise-Senghor cultural center in Dakar.
  • Organization of the event is supported by
    • the Belgian Embassy in Senegal
    • the delegation of the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels

References – the first “Bulle Dakar” comic strip festival

Finally, you can find bellow some useful links around Bulle Dakar 2022 event:

  1. The beautiful resistance of Senegalese comics – HelloSolar.info
  2. “Bulle Dakar”, a festival dedicated to comics and – Axadle Wararka Maanta
  3. Bulle Dakar, a festival dedicated to comics and press cartoons
  4. Archives des Bulle Dakar


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