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FICAM 2022: Meknès Capital of Animation Cinema

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FICAM 2022: Meknès

FICAM 2022: the 20th edition of the Meknès animation film festival.

FICAM 2022: A new edition of the Animation Film Festival in Meknès (Morocco). First of all, it is, by far, an unmissable cinematographic event in Morocco, Africa and the Arab world.

Indeed, the festival attracts an increasingly large audience each year. International and famous talents are invited to support youth Animation Cinema . This is how the Japanese “Aymu Watanbe” will be present this edition.

The Japanese “Ayumu Watanabe” in FICAM 2022

The Japanese director “Ayumu Watanabe” is present during the 20th anniversary of FICAM. This young director is well known for the following animated films:

  • Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko (Announced nominee for 49th Annual Annie Awards of tThe International Animated Film Society, ASIFA-Hollywood)
  • children of the sea
  • the Doraemon series.

Tribute to the French ways of the animated series The Simpsons

Then, and among the key moments of FICAM 2022, the tribute to Philippe Pethyieu and Véronique Augerau, the French voices of Marge and Homer: The famous characters of The Simpsons. It should also be noted that FICAM 2017 had welcomed David Silverman, director of many episodes of The Simpsons, as well as a feature film which was dedicated to this animated series. 

The first Moroccan Animation Film Forum (from 6 to 8 mai 2022)

Indeed, FICAM 2022 offers to more than 150 students the opportunity to meet Moroccan animation film professionals, representatives of Al Aoula and 2M, animation studios as well as the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan and the School of Fine Arts in Casablanca. All this as part of the 1st Moroccan Animation Film Forum (Friday 6 to Sunday 8 May 2022). This forum will allow discussion on the future of animated film in Morocco with the prospect, in the years to come, of organizing a market for Moroccan animated film in Meknes.


You will find in the following links the official selection of short films for the 13th International Animation Short Film Competition of Meknes – Courts Compét’ 2022 (Origine document is in french).

FICAM 2022: Meknès Morocco

Key elements of FICAM 20

  • Edition: 20
  • Period: from 06 to 11 May 2022
  • Morocco is the guest of honor at this edition
  • Tribute to the French voices of Marge and Homer Simpson (Philippe Pethyieu and Véronique Augerau)
  • Organization:
    • the Aisha Foundation
    • French Institute of Meknes

References and useful links:

Finally, I present to you below a very varied list of links and references for this year’s edition of FICAM.

  1. Official web site – FICAM
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  9. FICAM: A 20th edition that will honor Morocco
  10. Meknes Festival Kicks Off With High Profile Guest List
  11. Kick-off to the 20th edition of the Meknes International Animation Film Festival
  12. Animation Competition 2022 : FICAM of Meknès


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