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Comics competition “African talents 2022” Tetouan International Comics Forum

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Affiche du Concours BD Tétouan 2022
Figure 1. Affiche du Concours BD Tétouan 2022

Comics competition “African talents 2022″:

Opening of the Comics competition “African talents 2022″:

  • Event: 15th edition of the International Comics Forum of Tetouan (FIBD-Tétouan 15).
  • Period: from May 23 to May 27, 2022.
  • Location: Tetouan city.
  • Organization:
    • National Institute of Fine Arts of Tetouan (INBA)
    • The association “Chouf” (for the promotion of comics in Morocco).
    • Moroccan Ministry of Culture.
Association “chouf la BD” Website

But, How to participate in the African Talents Competition 2022?

Comics competition “African talents 2022″ – all details:

  1. Candidates: The competition for Tetouan Comics competition (2022) is open for all african comics book creators (In french: Bande dessinée, Arabic: أشرطة مرسومة). Candidates over the age of 17 and who have never been professionally published. (Note that young Moroccan authors who have received grants from the Ministry of Culture to publish their own albums are not excluded from participating in the competition).
  2. The 10 best candidates will be selected by the jury.
  3. Send your files:
    • by email: fibadet@gmail.com
    • or by mail to: National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) Avenue Mohamed V, 93.000 Tetouan.
    • Deadline: May 05, 2022.
  1. Nature of participation:
    A comic strip presenting a complete story with title in Arabic, French, English or even without words.
  2. Number of boards (planches or pages): You can draw your comic in one, two or three original boards maximum (printed output is considered original), in black and white or in color, in addition to a cover clearly bearing the title of the comic , in A3 format.
  3. The theme :
    Candidates are free to choose the theme and the subject.
  4. Styles and genres:
    All genres and styles are accepted (* subject to respect for public order and good morals).

Therefore, how to constitute the application form for this comic book contest?

Composition of your candidature for the Comics competition “African talents 2022”:

  • A biography of the author(s).
  • Previous work, sketches or research…
  • A CV of the author(s).

however, note that participation in the competition implies acceptance, without reservation, of the competition rules in their entirety. ( The full rules of the competition on the association’s website ).

And now: what is the procedure for selecting the best candidate?


Selection of comics:

  1. The jury will designate among the 10 works selected. The 3 best comics for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes of the “African Talents 2022” competition. (* These will be given to the winners during the official ceremony of the forum).
  2. The first 10 works selected will be the subject of an exhibition during the 15th edition of the Forum, entitled “Exhibition of the 2022 African Talents competition”.
  3. Any incomplete file will be refused.
  4. The list of the 10 selected participants will be made public no later than May 15, 2022 on the association’s website.

Finaly, you will find bellow the list of prizes and awards for the winners:

The African Talent 2022 Awards:

  • First prize: MAD 10,000
  • Second prize: MAD7,000
  • 3rd prize: MAD 5,000

Generals informations

  • Adresse: Institut National des Beaux Arts (INBA) Avenue Mohamed V 93.000 Tétouan.
  • Tél : 05 39 96 15 45
  • Fax : 05 39 96 42 92
  • Email : fibadet@gmail.com


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  2. Articles sur le Forum International de la BD de Tétouan
  3. Concours de Bande Dessinée Talents Africains 2020 sur CHOUFLABD (French)
  4. Règlement Concours-Talents-Africains 2020


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