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CairoComix International Festival 5

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CairoComix International Festival 5

CairoComix International Festival 5

The CairoComix International Festival 5:  The main theme of the fifth edition of the biggest festival dedicated to comics in Egypt, is the professional life of the comic artist. In particular, the search for funding for the comic strip project, artistic residencies, exchanges with other artists, festivals and finally independent publishing. Are present in the 2019 edition of the festival:

25 exhibitors
17 publishing houses (6).

Is comics an art dedicated to children?

No! The tapes are not just for children, but for adults too, as this edition of the event has demonstrated. Indeed, comics are a mode of expression and a creative medium parallel to other arts such as animation and graphic design.

Heart stroke !

Flash: CairoComix 5

Do encouraging you to rediscover the fun of reading Flash comics (nostalgia for the late 80s and 90s). This comic was very popular in the Arab world and especially among Egyptians

Finally, highlighting the support that CairoComix receive.

Fiche technique :

  • Edition: 5
  • Period: 01, 02 and 03 November 2019
  • Place: Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum, 5 Tahrir Street, Zamalek.




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