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“Shamsa” and “Dana” at CairoComix 2021 Fest!

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CairoComix 2021

CairoComix 2021:  this edition of the first Festival dedicated to comics in Egypt is back in force. Indeed, the Fest was held at the Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum and included many activities, art workshops and exhibitions of the ninth art.

In addition, this sixth edition was marked by the celebration of the characters “Shamsa” and “Dana” (in Arabic: شمسة ودانة) from Majid magazine ().

The Adventures of Shamsa and Dana.

Shamsa and Dana appeared in the pages of the United Arab Emirates magazine Majid (1979) and are designed by: Egyptian artist Ihab Shaker and the writer Samira Shafiq (Shaker’s wife). The girls live in a tent on a small island, far from the city. They live in a series of adventures and satirical tales with thier falcon (Mansour), the tortoise (Salma) then the ghazala (Habouba). It is one of the most beautiful arabic comics.

Technical sheet – CairoComix 6 :

  • Edition: 6
  • Period: from Friday 05 to 07 November 2021
  • Place: Center Mahmoud Mokhtar, 5 Tahrir Gezira




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