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Cairo Comix 2016 : Celebrating the character of Abu Al-Durafa (أبو الظرفاء) 

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Cairo Comix 2016

Festival Cairo Comix 2016 : Light on Najib Farah

Cairo Comix 2016 : in this second edition, it is about the character Abu AlDharafa (in Arabic: أبو الظرفاء), created by the late artist “Najib Farah”. Indeed, “Farah” presented for several years, his stories in comics tales in the magazine Majid (4 ).

In addition, the festival brought together about thirty comic artists, regional and international exhibitors, publishers and experts with the general public of comic book and BD fans. 

Highlights of this second edition:

Cairo Comix 2016

“ ALASOUTOUH” or “على السطوح” (in arabic): was one of the most prominent activities of the Cairo Comics Festival 2016.

It included:

  • meetings
  • workshops
  • new and creative international comics

Moreover, the exhibition was marked by several events, including:

  • Shamarikh : An exhibition of tape artists from the Arab world (the best works are printed in the festival book).
  • The Artist at Work : Watching an artist in their own lab and following the storyboard creation process from idea to execution (traditional drawing or using digital drawing software).
  • The public meeting : an opportunity for the exchange of experiences and visions among the participants and the response between painters and authors on the one hand and the public on the other. Thus, the 2016 meetings framed three names from the ninth art world (5):
    • Paul Grafitt (from Britain),
    • Andy Warner (USA),
    • Artistic advisor Jean-Pierre Mercier and painter Thomas Azuelos (France),
    • Ranhard Kleist from Germany,
    • Andy Warner from the United States.
  • The Comics Market : One of the main objectives of the Cairo Comics Festival is to create a market specialized in comics.

CairoComix Edition 02 :

Cairo Comix 2016
  • Edition: 2
  • Period: 30 September to 02 October 2016
  • Theme: Celebrating the character of Abu Al-Durafa (أبو الظرفاء) 
  • Location: the American University in Cairo’s Tahrir Campus.

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