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2008 The Tetouan Comics Festival celebrates its fifth anniversary

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Figure 1. 2008 The Tetouan Comics Festival celebrates its fifth anniversary

2008 The Tetouan Comics Festival celebrates its fifth anniversary

2008 The Tetouan Comics Festival celebrates its fifth anniversary: ​​Tetouan, capital of Moroccan comics!

Indeed, was presents in this fifth edition twenty young artists from Morocco, the Maghreb, Latin America and Europe. Certainly, this festival, which is gaining notoriety each year, is part of the ‘Project Promotion of comics in Morocco’ and aims:

  • First, to promote national comics as a means of artistic expression and as a tool for educational support and training and media communication.
  • Second, to create a space of exchanges and communication between creators and comics fans.

Program of the Tetouan BD Festival 05:

  • Various workshops (creating comic strips, writing scripts, Animation film and Mural painting workshop).
  • Competition for the best comic book album (judged by international and national contributors (including Étienne Schrader from Belgium, Jérôme Lorocelli from France and Mohamed Al-Buraq from Morocco).

On the other hand, the 2008 Comics Festival honnored the moroccan writer “Mohamed Ankar” as guest of honor of this edition.

Exhibitions during the Comic Strip Festival:

  • A special exhibition on the history of painted strips in Switzerland, which includes 42 large-format paintings, in the “Bertucci” gallery in the center of the city.
  • An illustrated exhibition on the history of comics in France at the French Institute of Tetouan.

Above all, we emphasize the conference given by Mr. Alain Bricard, Consul General of France in Tangier, on the theme: The golden age of French-speaking gangs 1950-1970.

Tetoaun BD Festival Met :

Two meetings were organized on the themes:

  • Comics and animation as a means of training and education
  • Comics in Morocco reality and perspectives.

Winners of the 5th International Comic Strip Festival:

  • Moroccan artist Aziz Oumoussa won the grand prize at the fifth edition of the Tetouan International Comics Festival.
  • The second prize of the festival was won by the Tunisian artist “Othman Al-Salmi”
  • The third prize was awarded to young Moroccan artist Issam Al-Asri.
  • People’s Choice Award (based on public vote): Moroccan artist Aziz Oumoussa

Useul informations about “Tetouan BD Festival 2008”

  • Edition: 5
  • Period: May 28-31, 2008
  • Theme: Project Promotion of comics in Morocco
  • Guests of honor: Moroccan writer ‘Mohamed Ankar’
  • Place: Tetouan



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  3. International Festival of the Comic Strip | Animation World Network
  4. Archives des Tetouan International Comics Forum


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