The 7 best drawing books that’ll teach you everything about drawing techniques.

The 7 best drawing books to improve your drawing skills.

The 7 best drawing books

Drawing is one of the great pleasures of life, whether you draw nature, people or even comics and animations.

Admittedly, anyone can acquire drawing techniques if he know how to choose the necessary resources, books and tutorials.

So, If you want to learn to draw or to improve your drawing techniques, there are many resources that will allow you to embark on this wonderful adventure into the world of drawing!

But, What is the best drawing book? How can we start and choose the book drawing easy?

This is the purpose of this article!

You are beginner or confirmed artist, this listing of the 7 best drawing books will undoubtedly help you improve your knowledge and will also provide you with excellent reference material on drawing in general.

Through a careful search of various resources on the internet like the drawing books pdf or the best seller in Amazon an ebay we have selected through a large number of ressources and drawing books.

The list is probably not exhaustive, but it is a recommended selection of the best drawing books that we recommend to you whatever your level.

Scroll down the page to find successful books that will teach you the basics of drawing, whether drawing nature, or heads or even how to draw comic book style and cartoons from theory to art practice.

Let’s begin !

The 7 best drawing books that you must have!

1- Drawing the Head and Hands.

Drawing the head-and hand - The 7 best drawing books
Fig 1. Andrew loomis drawing the head and hands.

First book: The illustrator Andrew Loomis (1892-1959) is revered amongst artists including the great American painter Norman Rockwell and comics superstar Alex Ross – for his mastery of figure drawing and clean, Realist style.

His hugely influential series of art instruction books have never been bettered.

Andrew Loomis Drawing the Head and Hands is the second in Titan’s programme of facsimile editions, returning these classic titles to print for the first time in decades.

Author: Andrew Loomis

painting by Andrew Loomis, representing the Dionne quintuplets. 7 best drawing books
Fig 1.1. 1938 painting by Andrew Loomis, representing the Dionne quintuplets (Wikipedia)

Andrew Loomis was born in 1892. After studying art, he moved to Chicago where he eventually opened his own studio – working in editorial and advertising for most of the top clients of the time, including Kellog’s, Coca Cola, Lucky Strike and many others.

He also became renowned as an art teacher and his instructional books on illustration and art are acclaimed classics in the field. He died in 1959.

Andrew loomis drawing the head and hands pdf on Amazon:

2- Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: The Definitive.

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - 7 best drawing books
Fig 2. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Second, One of the best “How to Draw” classics. A life-changing book, and is destined to inspire generations of readers and artists to come.

Indeed the processing of visual information is largely a matter of right brain function. This book guides students through various stages of learning how to draw, allowing for significant progress even for those who are not born artists. The book uses many illustrations by masters.

Translated into more than seventeen languages, betty edwards drawing on the right side of the brain is the most widely used didactic drawing book in the world.

Whether you draw as a professional artist, in training or as a hobby, this book will give you greater confidence in your abilities and deepen your artistic perception, while allowing you to better appreciate the world around you.

Author: Betty Edwards

Betty Edwards
Fig 2.1 Betty Edwards

Betty Edwards, born in 1926, is an American art teacher and author. Betty Edwards is known for her 1979 book, Drawing with the Right Brain. This book deals with the particular abilities of the right side of the brain to apprehend images in a global way.

Betty Edwads Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: The Definitive on Amazon:

3- How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way.

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way - 7 best drawing books
Fig 3. How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

Looking for Comics book drawing ?

You are in the right place !

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way is The best of Stan Lee books of drawing and is the primary resource for any and all who want to master the art of illustrating comic books and graphic novels.

This book teaches the comic book artist how to draw and create comics. The examples are taken from Marvel Comics and Buscema. It was first published in 1978 by Marvel Fireside Books and has been reprinted regularly. This book created a generation of cartoonists who learned that there was “a Marvel way of drawing.

You want to create a comic book cover too to attract readers and entice people to buy your comic book?

Have alook to this book considered to be one of Stan Lee’s most interesting works and one of the best instruction books on creating comic books ever produced.

Author: Stan Lee.

Stan Lee - 7 best drawing books
Fig 3.1 Stan Lee

How to draw comics the marvel way book IN AMAZON

4- Perspective Made Easy (Dover Art Instruction) is our fourth selection in this 7 best drawing books.

Perspective Made Easy - 7 best drawing books
Fig 4. Perspective Made Easy

This book drawing makes it easy to master the perspective.

Mastery of perspective is a basic skill that every artist must possess. This simple, non-technical guide will allow you to master the essentials in a short time.

Ernest R. Norling has devoted his entire effort to clarifying the laws of perspective through more than 250 simple line drawings to illustrate the concepts involved.

The vanishing point, the crucial relationship between eye level and perspective drawing, you will learn how to place figures and objects in a drawing, how to represent interiors and how to achieve all the other elements necessary for successful perspective drawing.

Author : Ernest R. Norling

ernest norling perspective made easy pdf

5- How to Draw What You See.

How to Draw What You See
Fig 5. How to Draw What You See

When it was originally published in 1970, How to Draw What You See zoomed to the top of Watson-Guptill’s best-seller list—and it has remained there ever since. “I believe that you must be able to draw things as you see them—realistically,” wrote Rudy de Reyna in his introduction.

Today, generations of artists have learned to draw what they see, to truly capture the world around them, using de Reyna’s methods. How to Draw What You See shows artists how to recognize the basic shape of an object—cube, cylinder, cone, or sphere—and use that shape to draw the object, no matter how much detail it contains.

Rudy de Reyna is the author of many Watson-Guptill classics, including Magic Realist Drawing Techniques.

How to draw exactly what you see pdf

6- The Animator’s Survival Kit.

The Animator's Survival Kit
The Animator’s Survival Kit

The next book is “The Animator’s Survival”: This book by Richard Williams includes techniques, tips, tricks, hints and general information on the history of animation. It is one of the best resources on animation available today.

Author :

Richard Edmund Williams, born March 19, 1933 in Toronto and died August 16, 2019 in Bristol, is a Canadian animator, animation director and producer..

7- Cartooning: Animation 1 with Preston Blair: Learn to animate step by step (How to Draw & Paint).

Cartooning: Animation 1 with Preston Blair
Fig 7. Cartooning: Animation 1 with Preston Blair

Finally, we invite you to discover the magical world of cartoon and animation in one of the best references available in the field of cartoon.
This book is an essential complement for all those who want to learn the art of animation.
In this book, Designed for beginners, the famous animator of cartoons Preston Blair will explain and demonstrate the magic of animated cartoons. You will learn among other things to develop the shape, the personality, the traits …


Preston Blair, born in Redlands, California on October 24, 1908 and died on April 19, 1995 in Santa Cruz, California is an American animated film director.

Cartooning: Animation 1 with Preston Blair: Learn to animate step by step pdf.


The 7 best drawing books references :

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